Golf Club Restoration Rusty to Amazing Showroom Finish ($5 eBay Purchase)

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Find out how I restored this rusty wedge!

Golf Club Restoration from rusty golf club back to showroom finish. We were able to purchase it on eBay at an absolute bargain of only $5!

00:00 Restoration Intro
00:12 Removing club head
00:47 Removing grip
01:58 Installing new grip
02:47 de-rusting club head
03:47 Removing paint
04:27 Restoring grooves
05:12 Polishing club head
05:37 Painting club head
07:22 Re-fitting head to shaft
08:27 Finished product!
08:57 I'm bad at golf...

The Restoration Process:
It's true that many golfers prefer their wedges to be rusty, as it's said to increase the amount of spin when hitting the ball (This has also been disproven, but let's not go down that rabbit hole!). But for this piece, we wanted to show off the best looking side of this wedge.
It was super rusty, and the paint was stained or had fallen off. There was also a fair amount of knicks around the outside, just from normal use. Our aim wasn't to restore the metal, as this can compromise the club itself, and we're definitely not professional golf club restorers!
We started by soaking the head in White Vinegar and Salt for 24 hours. While this was soaking we regriped the club by stripping off the old grip and installing the new one, using double sided tape and adhesive.
Once the head had been soaked, we started to restore it by cleaning off the old residue, and lightly scrubbing with steel wool. The next stage was to sharpen the grooves using a Groove Sharpener. These groves must be sharp to ensure correct loft when hitting the ball.
We gave the Titleist head a polish before repainting the features on the club head. We used Hammerite metal paint, which worked very well, but any metal paint will do the job.
Once the head was shiny, painted and the restoration complete, we then used two part epoxy to reattach the club head to the shaft, ensuring the align the grip.
24 hours later, the epoxy had set and we had finished our golf club restoration showroom ready Titleist Oil Can 60 degree wedge!

Thanks for checking out our video!

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